In 1851, Charles Babbage wrote, “The only way Man can find solace with his place in life is by taking command of the way he lives it.”

These words ring truer in today’s fast-paced world of smartphones and information overload than Lord Babbage could have possibly imagined.   Modern information technology environments are often driven by a need to respond quickly to changes in project specifications, new technologies, and market demands.  As a result, outcomes suffer, producing deliverables which neither match specifications nor needs…this in turn leads to reduced morale, staff turnover, while producing direct impacts on bottom-line profits.

At Managed Scientific, we believe the best way to bring order from the chaos of the modern business cycle is through the judicious application of project management and technical architecture methodologies.  While we are generally agnostic about the form that this takes, internally we use an Agile Unified project management process, supported by a hybridized enterprise architecture philosophy which combines artifacts and taxonomy from the Zachmann framework with methods from the TOGAF framework.

We provide resources for organizations which desire to formalize or shift their project management approaches.  Our consultants can work on- or off-site, training personnel, making recommendations, or even directly managing processes in your organization.  We work to capture current business processes and future needs, recommending and shepherding the changes which let enterprises grow successfully.